Monday, August 10, 2009


after more research, it seems pretty standard that 2/3 people who "successfully" undergo the surgery that i'm going to have start having seizures again within the first two years after the surgery.

Odds of relapse decrease the younger you are, and if the tissue being removed is damaged. Fortunately, I fall into these categories.

After the first two years, there is conflicting data. most studies show that the remaining 1/3rd have about a 80%-90% chance of making it to 10 years. Past ten years, there is literally no data, which is a problem that is a widespread admitted travesty within the neurological community. Everyone's too busy pumping money into research for lame stuff like ADHD... >:-( I'm serious. There is not one long term study.

So who knows? Maybe my brain will explode in 2020!!!!

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